About Us

Marchingbands formarly Bandazia — the Home of Marching Bands — is the online arm of the Marching Bands for PEACE.

This is the first ever website of its kind with a one-stop-shop for all about Marching Bands and sit-in Orchestras. It has three galleries for videos, audios and photos of ceremonial bands and ceremonial orchestras. The royal bands and presidential palace bands, military bands and the civil institution bands, church bands and religious establishment bands, university bands and school bands, wedding bands and funeral bands, city and community bands and even family bands find their place on this website.

Our Mission:

The Marching Bands  for PEACE aims at honoring the Bands, glorifying the professional and amateur band musicians and promoting he band music as a means of attaining global peace to an extent that one day a Nobel Peace Prize is won by all drummers and pipers of this world as an acknowledgement of this role.
Discussion forums, news and blogs, articles, and announcements on upcoming band events, all have a dedicated space here. It also affords an opportunity for booking a band, for buying band equipment and for ordering customized band uniforms where the concerned businesses can advertise themselves. In the coming years, we expect to host the most comprehensive worldwide Bands directory, a catalogue of all widely used uniforms, and a wide array of video and audio albums. This website is aimed at becoming a treasure trove of all-about-bands.

The Marching Bands for Peace, in the long run, is not supposed to be exactly a not-for-profit outfit, though at present, in its formative phase, it is acting as one. Eventually 80% of the net income will be reinvested for philanthropy causes, half of it for bands and band members through measures such as scholarships, trainings, prizes and financial aid to deserving musicians, and the other half for promotion of peace, as far as possible, relying on the role of bands and music, wherever and howsoever possible.

We also wish to have a representative in every country and an elected endowment management council within three to five years.

We also aim at establishing linkages with all schools of military music and ceremonial music, disseminate information about upcoming bands festivals, and organize conferences and workshops for knowledge sharing and promotion of ceremonial music. Eventually a world museum of marching bands may also be established.

For the purpose of our membership, we define a Band as a group of musicians, no less than four, usually playing together, ordinarily with both drum and pipe instruments, having a uniform or a distinct dress code with some degree of symmetry, rhythm or theme in color or contrast.

Membership is of course not limited to the bands or its members only as our membership section of this site may explain. Institutional membership is obviously meant for a Band or the institution owning or representing it, or for schools of military music, but individual membership is open not only to Band Masters and Band members, Drum Majors or Drummers, Chief Pipers or Pipers but also to any individual having interest in ceremonial and instrumental music. The Bands run by Palaces or the Churches, the Armed Forces or the Civil organizations such as Police, Fire Brigade and Railways departments, by public or by private, by a town hall, a village, a community or a family/household are welcome to be part of this Cosmopolitan Alliance of Drummers and Pipers. We shall all pool our time and expertise and little bit of money too and promote peace in this world.

Saad S. Khan-— as the provisional chair of the Marching Bands for Peace — manages the affairs of the website. Comments and suggestions on improvement of this website or its content, including mission statement, objectives and membership criterion are welcome. So are those on usability of this website, its site map and structure and its search tools.