1. To promote Bands and band music as principal instrument of promoting peace, harmony and happiness in the world.
  1. To glorify the marching bands, both military and civil, and honor the vocation of instrumental music, whether a hobby or a profession.
  1. To bring a minimum level of harmonization or symmetry in Marching Band Uniforms such as embroided sash for Band Majors, miniature drum sticks as part of lanyard for the drummers and cloak for the pipers.
  1. To make an online universally-accessible data base of all Bands in this world, with information about their members, scope of performance, and contact details.
  1. To prepare a catalog of all uniforms used by Bands across the world and make the images available online.
  1. To provide a forum for all interested human beings to discuss and debate the role of bands in our individual and collective lives and on ways to enhance the contribution of bands in a meaningful way.
  1. To furnish a platform for world’s bands and band members for professional and personal career growth.
  1. To organize competitions with a view to sharpen skills in music.
  1. To widely disseminate all marching bands festivals of the world and generate greater public interest and attention towards them.
  1. To arrange for exchange of bands visits between armies of nations with a history of conflict with each other (Turkey and Greece, North and South Korea, Israel and Egypt, Pakistan and India, China and Taiwan, North and South Sudan, Iran and Iraq, Senegal and Mauritani, and so on)
  1. To organize exchange of non military bands such as between churches of various faiths and denominations, between conflicting tribes and ethnicities, and between universities and schools across cultures and continents for promote harmony.
  1. To help finance awards and prizes for best performances in band music, band marches and band performances.
  1. To establish coordination between various schools and academies of band music across the world.
  1. To organize symposia, training workshops, seminars and conferences on marching bands.
  1. To give scholarships to deserving trainees in schools of music.
  1. To finance band members from developing countries to attend band academies and schools in the developed world for Band Music.
  1. To raise the social status of musicians of bands in the society at large.
  1. To promote bands as an essential ingredient of private and public functions and ceremonies not only at the state level but also events of the personal life such as engagement and marriage ceremonies, anniversary parties, formal dinners and so on, especially in societies where this is a taboo.
  1. To help raise the salaries and remunerations of band members, especially those who are members of the armed forces.
  1. To make an endowment fund for helping serving or ex Band Members in their personal problems such as health costs, death benefits to widow/widowers and help in arranging daughters’ marriages etc