Hall of fame

Saad S. Khan

Saad S. Khan Founding Chairman CADAP-PEACE

Saad S. Khan is the founding chairman of the Marching Bands for PEACE — now more commonly known by its brand label ‘Bandazia’. Music is the most universally understood language on our planet, even if not across the cosmos. The concept of global cosmopolitan alliance of bands is not new but the endeavor to use such a union for promotion of world peace is his lifelong passion.
Khan has an academic background in International Relations— from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, and the Cambridge University, Cambridge (UK). Within the study of IR, a search for world peace has consistently remained his academic and intellectual pursuit. Always reading about wars and peace, the drummers and pipers somehow caught his keen interest over and above that in diplomats and soldiers. In fact, the world militaries have centuries’ old custom of marching bands. The US, along with the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Egypt and Germany, among other nations, have very fine and refined traditions of military music. How can the Music wings of the armed forces be used for promotion of peace and harmony, is not easy to answer. The establishment of the Cosmopolitan Alliance of Drummer and Pipers is an effort to find answers and to apply those answers for world peace. Extending this idea to non-military bands, such as religious bands, tribal bands and school/university bands, the Marching Band for PEACE aims at bringing together such non-military bands to promote religious harmony, end of tribal and ethnic discords and understanding between the youth from different nations.
Khan has a vast worldwide collection of military and civil bands and has organized the first ever bands tattoo combining military bands, civil government bands, private bands and school/college bands in South Asia, under the title “Lahore Festival of Marching Bands “.
Khan is also an accomplished author, researcher and analyst with many articles and books to his credit. His contribution to the cause of Bands has found him place in the Hall of Fame.

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